Luciferian Insectus reissue “Zal van Beherit”

Black Metal enthusiast Darren Peterson has been preaching supreme satanic and occult oriented blackened death metal hymns since 2013 under the name Luciferian Insectus.

“Zal Van Beherit”, the debut album of Luciferian Insectus, was originally released in 2014 under Speed Slaughter Productions. Apollyon Entertainment is proud to announce the worldwide release of “Zal Van Beherit” with new artwork. It is the second release on Apollyon Entertainment from the prodigious one-man project Luciferian Insectus. One will be awed by the artful, unholy music, combining the elements of horrendous blackened death metal and atmosphere of crushing yet gloomy, melodic black metal.

Luciferian Insectus comments: “This is a re-release of my 2014 album, only with much better production and overall better quality. After we did the Godless release, I wanted to make sure Zal Van Beherit had a real release as well. This album is personal to me, and a lot of the tracks have personal meaning to me. I hope that my experiences as recorded on this album will reach the masses, and span not just my hardcore satanic base, but metal fans as a whole.”

“Zal Van Beherit” is currently available on all major digital platforms.

Track list:
1. Call to Satan
2. Teeth ov Devil’s Smile Fullfilled
3. Baden in de engelen bloed
4. Praise O’ Lord Baphomet
5. Ritualistic Demonica
6. Tainted Wing
7. Anthropophagy
8. Into the Eternal Blackness
9. Ode to Darkness

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