Ammouri: Dare to Be Happy (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

Marina Ammouri, is a Swedish female metal artist, rock singer, songwriter, music producer and model. Being a classical schooled pianist, and graduated sound engineer from SAE college, she composed and produced songs in different genres for other artists in Sweden and abroad, among them Therese (Terran) Andersson Lewis, Regina Lund, Ivorian band Les Patrones, Portuguese singer Mila Ferriera and more. In 2012, her songs represented Sweden in the Baltic Song Contest with Swedish actress and singer Regina Lund and East European Band MMadCatz as front artists. Three years later she wrote and produced a crossfade opera song for a Swedish opera group Opera Light, and eventually decided to stop songwriting for others and to start her own solo artist career, concentrating on melodic rock and metal.

There have been some who have already been likening her to Doro, and she has managed to get some well-known musicians involved with her debut album, including bassist Pontus Egberg (King Diamond) and guitarist Staffan Österlind (Paul Dianno). But, I found her voice quite harsh, and isn’t really suited for the style of music she is fronting. If the music was more aggressive, then it would work, but I often found myself wondering what would happen if there was a more melodic singer involved. Mind you, whether a better singer could have rescued the songs is another matter altogether: there is no vibrancy or soul, and if any album ever sounded like a project as opposed to a band then it is this. The production is good, and the musicians know what they are doing, but there is little here for me to recommend.

Rating: 4/10

Track list:
Fill Your Heart with Love // Monster of Your Own Creation // Starlight // Dare to be Happy // Bad Illusion // Manipulation // Not Anymore // More Than Everything // He Knows everything About Me


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