TNNE: Wonderland (2017)

Written by: Kev Rowland

Three years on from ‘The Clock That Went Backwards’, Luxembourg’s TNNE (which as the band was seen as a continuation on from No Name, was called TNNE for The No Name Experience) are back with the second album under that banner, or sixth studio album overall. There has been a major change in the line-up, with Claudio Cordero coming on board, who of course has been guitarist with the mighty Cast for more than ten years. That he has had a major impact on the band is never in doubt, with his more metallic guitar riffs and solos definitely enhancing their neo prog credentials. The PR company likens them to RPWL and IQ, and while I do struggle a little with this, I can understand why those comments have been made although TNNE are far heavier, without ever moving into the prog metal genre.

Alex Rukavina on keyboards is an excellent foil to Claudio, while both drummer Giles Wagner and bassist Michel Casadei della Chiesa are far more in your face and driving melodies than is usual, creating a quite different dynamic. The first time I played the album I discovered I was smiling all the way through, and my feelings towards it have only warmed. In many ways, it does hearken back to the Nineties, yet also feels incredibly current and with a powerful production it really does become an album that is surely at the vanguard of the current neo prog scene. Highly recommended, as with soaring vocals from Patrick Keifer, melodies and counter melodies, complexity and simplicity, layers and space, this is a prog album to savour.

Rating: 8/10

Track list:
My Childish Mind // Eye of a Storm // Katrina Killed the Clown // Wonderland // Final Fantasy // Frozen in Time // Glittering Lights // Eight Weeks // Le Fil Du Temps


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