The Soul Exchange: Vow of Seth (2017)

Written by: Kev Rowland

Five songs, thirty-two minutes in length, and the first thing I have to say is that this sounds nothing like I expected from the band name and the EP title. It is metal, with two guitarists, and there are times on “Back To The Dark” where there are solid Sabbath influences, but for the most part this is fairly laid-back and melodic. I mean, I was expecting black metal at the very least! Keyboards are an important part of the overall sound, but it is to the vocals that one is most drawn as they are always front and centre. Polished and professional, what is missing is the spark and excitement that makes music what it is. It is okay, but I often found my attention drifting, as I felt that the band wasn’t as signed onto this as it should be. Although it has some doom tendencies, it is almost as if the band are falling into by accident as opposed to deliberately, and the result is not what it should be.

Rating: 4/10

Track list:
Vow of Seth // Back to the Dark // The Deed Is Done // Seek the Demon // My Mortal Soul


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