August Rosenbaum release video for ‘Credo, Pt. II’

Today the music video for a live rendition of August Rosenbaum’s “Credo, Pt. II (feat. Coco O.)” is released. It’s created by Danish cinematographer Jasper Spanning. Shot in one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful buildings, the iconic Marble Church, the video features a duo performance by August & Coco O. of their mesmerizing autumn ballad. This video was made in collaboration with Prxjects, a culture laboratory initiated by Mercedes-Benz.

Watch the video HERE

On November 24, Vista, the new album of August Rosenbaum was released via Tambourhinoceros.

August Rosenbaum describes his new album as “a score in search of a movie” – and that concept influenced Jasper Spanning’s approach to making this video. Jasper Spanning says:
“I was fascinated and challenged by the idea of doing a non-narrative performance video for this song. It’s something I wouldn’t normally do, but the purity of the song alongside Coco’s vocal inspired me to create a downtempo video in a very iconic setting. August’s idea of creating music in search of a movie made me think that I could recreate a scene from a movie I love. Ever since seeing Romeo+ Juliet as a teenager that movie has been a stylistic icon to me – and despite that it may not have aged perfectly, the end scene, where Romeo finds Juliet in a church, is still amazingly beautiful”.

The Marble Church in Copenhagen sets the stage for the live performance in Jasper Spanning’s video. August plays a prelude on the organ ahead of the stunning live performance that see’s August on a piano in the middle of the church and Coco O. singing in front of the altar. Together the music and Jasper’s cinematic imagery forms an all-encompassing breathtaking intensity.

August Rosenbaum adds:
“It has really been redeeming on all levels to make this video for” Credo Pt II “. Jasper, Coco and I have been friends since we were teenagers and I’m so proud of them both, they are so amazingly talented and it’s so nice to have created a space where the three of us could create this together. We were allowed to use The Marble Church for a whole evening, and I’ll never forget being alone at night in the most beautiful building in Copenhagen. We decided to scratch the musical arrangement all the way down to this duo-setting and just these elements speak for themselves. I’m very proud.”

“Credo, Pt. II (feat. Coco O.)” is released today on all digital services via Tambourhinoceros:

The Danish pianist & composer August Rosenbaum has been involved in some of the most influential Danish music in recent years. He has been touring the world as the keyboard player for Quadron, made string arrangements for Mø and recorded the piano on Rhye’s album Woman. 2017 is the year when August will put himself in front and center and release his new solo album Vista on Tambourhinoceros (Efterklang, IRAH, Palace Winter etc.).

August describes Vista as “A score in search of a movie” and it’s a fascinating album of evocative and soulful music that brings together his rich musical background in both jazz, classical music, film scoring and pop. Vista is written and produced in collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Robin Hannibal who’ve worked with an impressive range of artists including Little Dragon and Kendrick Lamar.

August Rosenbaum live dates:
Dec 07, 2017 – WHS Teatteri Union, Helsinki – Finland –  (Solo)
Jan 17, 2018 – Eurosonic, Groningen – Netherlands – (Band)
Jan 18, 2018 – Vega, Copenhagen – Denmark –  (Band)
Jan 26, 2018 – Tape, Aarhus – Denmark – (Solo)
Jan 27, 2018 – Northern Winter Beat, Aalborg – Denmark – (Solo)

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