Da Boanad: Mystericum (2017)

Written by: Kev Rowland

There was probably a time in the Eighties when an album like this seemed to be a good idea, at least in Germany, or perhaps just in Bavaria where these guys hail from, or there again, perhaps not. Why it seems to be a good idea in 2017 is beyond me, but someone at Pure Rock likes it enough to not only release it but send it out as promo months before it is available to the public (June 28th), to make sure that it gets maximum exposure. At best, this is Accept style NWOBHM with loads of teutonic references and stylings, the only problem is that there really isn’t any best with this.

Sure, the album cover is quite good, and the actual production is very strong, but there is just not enough consistency within the material to make this anything that I want to really listen to. I am hoping that in many ways this is a joke outfit, and that they must be seen in concert to be fully understood, in that they are a tongue in cheek pastiche as it is the only way that the female backing vocals make any sense to me. Honestly, the best thing for me about writing the review is that now I’ve done it I don’t have to listen to the album again. This really is one to avoid.

Rating: 2/10

Track list:
Wuidara // Da Aff // Misericordia // Des host davo // Scheinheilig // Indianer aufm Kriagspfod // Dampfmaschin // Bluatgeid // Finster werds 1// Manner, Weiber, Bluat und Bier

Da Boanad
Pure Rock Records

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