Moonpedro & The Sinking Ship set to release “Let’s Pig”

Multi-instrumentalist, poet, novelist and translator Pedro Carmona-Alvarez is a Norwegian artist who release his music under the name of Moonpedro & The Sinking Ship. In the 1990’s he was the singer of Sister Sonny, and between 1995 and 2007 he released several records with the band prior to the start of his solo career.

As a novelist his books have been translated to several languages, such as English, German, Danish, Turkish and Czech. He is also translator from Spanish and English , and in 2015 he was handpicked by PJ Harvey to translate her book of book of poems The Hollow of The Hand to both Norwegian and Spanish.

Let’s Pig combines Moonpedro’s love for sonic texture and musical nerve. Opening track Afternoon is a good example of the artist’s restlessness as the songs starts in one place and then shifts shape several times as it moves along. Pop Quiz is a nod to the early years of R.E.M, when the band was potent and powerful, not the half version of it, Death Of A Dog has the quality of a lullaby and Animals with it’s mysterious poetic lyrics comes across as dense, dark and wobbly, but sort of funny and stupid too, luckily.

Track list:
Afternoon 3:47
Top Trip 2:58
Book of Question 4:19
Pop Quiz 2:11
Chicken Rehearsal 3:03
Animals 5:19
Funky Troll 2:45
Colonel Eyes 2:30
Death of a Dog 4:44

“Let’s Pig” is set for a January 26th, 2018 release through Norwegian label Apollon Records.

Let’s Pig (2018)
Homegrown (2013)
Ed Wood (2007)

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