Tiger Moth Tales set to release “The Depths of Winter”.

White Knight Records are proud to release the new album from Tiger Moth Tales entitled “The Depths of Winter”. The new album follows on from the two previous critically acclaimed releases ‘Cocoon’ and ‘Story Tellers Part 1’. Running at over 70mins, the album contains the rich vocal and multi instrumental talents of Peter Jones, along with a guest appearance by Maschine and The Tangent guitarist Luke Machin.

This new outing sees Tiger Moth Tales taking on a somewhat more mature sound, tackling some darker but less personal themes that are predominantly based on wintery concepts, and stories that take place in the winter season. Immerse yourself in songs ‘Winter Maker’ – reminiscent of Frost – and no doubt you’ll also hear echoes of Steve Hackett in the sublime ‘Sleigh Ride’.

This evocative new release from Tiger Moth Tales will take the listener on a magical wintery journey. Light the fire, pour a coffee, and lose yourself in a wintery world. “The Depths of Winter” is set to be released on November 20th 2017.

Track list:
1. Winter is Coming
2. Winter Maker
3. Exposure
4. The Ballad of Longshanks John
5. Migration
6. Take the Memory
7. Sleigh Ride
8. The Tears of Frigga
9. Hygge
10. Winter’s End

Pete Jones :
“Perhaps two years is not such a big gap, but the time between the first two albums was only a few months, so it feels like it’s been a long time coming and certainly a long time in the making.”

‘The Depths of Winter’ is an album based on wintery concepts, and stories which take place in the winter season. There are a number of different themes explored on this album, including winter folk tales and characters such as the Ojibwe wind spirit, Biboon, the Viking legends of Baldr, Loki and Frigga, and the death of English folklore hero, Robin Hood.

As with previous Tiger Moth Tales albums, this new collection of works includes a broad range of musical feelings and emotions, from dark themes such as a grim fight for survival in ‘Winter Maker’, and the terrible scenes described in ‘Exposure’, based on the Wilfred Owen poem of the same name, to the warmer feel good tracks such as the joyous and exuberant Sleigh Ride and the closing track ‘Hygge’, based on the wonderful Danish / Scandinavian custom. There are also compelling tracks like
‘Migration’ about a migrating animal who becomes separated from the group and ends up lost and alone in unfamiliar surroundings, and ‘Take the Memory’, a track about losing loved ones over the winter or yuletide season.

“As always in my prog stuff, I think there is a need for both ends of the emotional spectrum. I have possibly not been as quirky with this album, focusing more on serious subject matter but there are some jokey or lighter elements, so I hope there is something for everybody.”

This album sees contributions from other artists, in both writing and performing.
“I’ve been lucky to get some good friends to contribute parts. I think this has broadened the sound and it’s fantastic that people were enthusiastic to join in the fun. Among other things it was great to bring my good mate Jamie in to the writing process. I was stuck for ideas about some alternative winter tales, and he was able to pitch in with some great folklore stories and lyrics, along with his excellent voice acting skills. It was also wonderful to be able to include my long time singing partner and friend Emma on flute, the excellent brass section led by Mr Wardle, and a guest performance from the guitarist everyone wants to work with – Luke Machin (Maschine / the Tangent).”

It’s been three years since Tiger Moth Tales exploded onto the prog scene with ‘Cocoon’ (and then ‘Story Tellers Part 1′ several months later). So why has taken Pete Jones until now to release the follow up album ‘The Depths of Winter’? Well Pete certainly hasn’t been sitting on his backside basking in the glory. In fact, quite the opposite has occurred. Pete joined forces with Nottingham based instrumental prog band Red Bazar in 2015 in a move that was hugely positive to both camps. This lead to the excellent Red Bazar album ‘Tales From The Bookcase’ – released in early 2016 and then gigs later that same year, most noticeably Tiger Moth Tales’ stunning performance at the Summer’s End Festival in Chepstow, UK.

Pete has also been busy rehearsing and touring Japan with Camel, writing and recording on Italian band Barock Project’s stunning ‘Detachment’ album, recording vocals, saxophone and clarinet for the Colin Tench Project, recording keyboards for Francis Dunnery’s ‘Return to the Wild Country’ album and even playing the whistle for London-based Prog band The Gift’s track ‘The Tallest Tree’. Rumours of further involvement with Camel and Francis Dunnery can neither be confirmed, nor denied.

Says Pete
“As well as working on various projects with other people, the album had a few false starts. I was working with a few different themes in mind and it took me a while to narrow it down, so some tracks were underway as far back as two years ago, but the concept was uncertain. I’ve also had some mental blocks and recording problems which meant things got held back and the process was slow at times. But things started to come together properly this year and I had a real energy boost which really got things moving. I’m very glad it’s all done now and I think all the false starts etc were worth the wait as I’m really happy with the final outcome. We just have to see now what the reaction of the buying public will be. Here’s hoping they like it.”

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