Murder and Parliament set to release “Murder and Parliament”

Bad Elephant Music is delighted to announce the forthcoming release of Murder and Parliament, the new instrumental project from Tom Slatter, in December 2017.

Think you know Tom Slatter? Think again!

Murder and Parliament’s instrumental soundscape showcases a side of Tom that may surprise you.

This album has been a long time in the making, with many of the tracks dating back to Tom’s university days. Most were never performed for their intended instruments – which included string quartet and solo harp – and lurked for many years in the depths of Tom’s hard drive, waiting for him to do something useful with them. Eventually he figured out what needed to be done – this wasn’t a collection of pop-inspired classical pieces – this was a rock album!

Enlisting the talents of Alun Vaughan (bass guitar) and Chrissie Caulfield (violin) Tom has realized this vision of layered, complex but tuneful noise, fitting neatly into the BEM instrumental zone also occupied by the likes of The Fierce And The Dead, The Brackish and The Bob Lazar Story.

”The songs on Murder and Parliament have been running around in my head for a decade or so” says Tom, “And I can’t wait for other people to hear them too”

David Elliott from BEM: “Murder and Parliament shows a very different side to Tom’s writing. The Slatter DNA is still there but the compositions are of a different and highly beguiling breed”

Murder and Parliament will be released on CD and digitally on 1st December, with pre-orders available from early November.

1. A Scattering
2. Crookedness
3. Grey Malkin
4. Kettle and Cauldron
5. Firecracker
6. Embers
7. Clamour
8. They Broadcast My Birthday on a Numbers Station

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