Smothered Bowels set to release “Dead Cunt Dance”

How far can you stretch your sanity? How strong is your stomach? Where do your personal boundaries of good taste lie? And just how heavy can you handle your grind? When one of death metal’s premier bands uttered the words ‘too extreme’ were they in fact foretelling the arrival of the new album from Russia’s Smothered Bowels?

Smothered Bowels came crawling out of the Moscow suburbs in 2010, with the Traho Defunctus EP gripped in their grimy hands and since then have vomited their wildly unhinged, technicolor goregrind in every direction. Their only full length album release was 2014s Thorax Driller – until now… On November 10th Bizarre Leprous Productions invite you to enter a cabaret of the disturbed and demented! A carnival of sickness, a circus of freaks! The Dead C*nt Dance…take a seat amongst the filth as Smothered Bowels take you on a journey through blood, faeces and intestines to the far, dark side of madness. You’ll laugh ’til something ruptures and you bleed out on the floor.

The twenty six tracks of utter lunacy that make up the gratuitously offensive Dead Cunt Dance are amongst the most exhilarating, repugnant, exciting and horrifying sounds you will ever hear. This is truly extreme music, taking everything beyond the accepted limits. Madness knows no boundaries…

The release of the musical obscenity that is Dead Cunt Dance will be preceded by a stunning music video for one of the album’s finest tracks – ‘U.S. Butcher’. Years in the making, you will never have seen anything like this before. A mini-feature film in its own right, this is the kind of visual horror show that every death metal or goregrind band dreams of making, but simply don’t have the ambition or audacity to attempt. Not even the biggest and most successful names in the genre have come close to anything of this quality. When these Russian lunatics decided to bring their psychotic visions to cinematic life only perfection would do and ‘U.S. Butcher’ is a blood-drenched nightmare you will never forget.

Smothered Bowels are most definitely not for everyone, but if beneath that smiling facade you wear every day lurks the soul of a cackling, caged lunatic…then they might just be for you.

Track Listing:
1 – In Dog We Thrust
2 – U.S. Butcher
3 – Runaway Fuck Train
4 – Zeta Testiculi
5 – Liquidation Of The Defecation
6 – Embrianal Therapy
7 – Infectio Lupus
8 – Microwave Rape Conveyor
9 – Vomit Masses Of Armed Goblins
10 – Potatologic Anatomy
11 – Cancer Funk
12 – Tamagochi Tribadism
13 – Something Wicked This Way Cums
14 – Scumbag Serenade
15 – Surreal Slit Shady (Eminem Cover)
16 – Lucy In The Sky With Diapers
17 – (I Just) Cunt Stop
18 – Smoking Cumshot Gun
19 – Hole Diver
20 – I Wupped Batman’s Ass (Wesley Willis cover)
21 – Mucus Pocus
22 – Swamp Gurgling
23 – Intestinal Confession
24 – Jellybean Lollipop
25 – Traho Defunctus
26 – Yellow Snow (Frank Sinatra cover)

Pope Kickapoo – Vocals
Barbie Tourette – Guitars
Midget Jones – Bass
Defoe Trahunctus – Drums

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