Paroxsihzem set to reissue “Paroxsihzem”

Lurking in the abyss of Toronto, PAROXSIHZEM sprang up a decade ago to manifest a harsh, dark, demented, and atmospheric form of Black/Death metal. Upon its initiation (by Impugnor and Karg), the music has always a suffocating and nauseating feeling which is only appropriate for the type of themes and inspiration used. There is no specific area of interest as history, philosophy, psychology and suicide are all touched upon as inspirational elements. The only relation between all these is to reach the darkest, non-fictional embodiment of humanity, no spiritual, fictional or delusional inspirations used, only tangible events that convey a much more brutal and contorted view of humanity allowing for a more realistic approach into the existence human beings lead.

Having two demos, a full length, a split (with their compatriot Adversarial), and the recently released EP, the Canadian troop has become a menacing force in the underground black/death arena.

The self-titled full length, originally released on CD format by the band itself in 2010, later re-issued by Dark Descent Records back in 2012 on CD format and on 12” vinyl by Hellthrasher Productions in 2013, is comprised of seven destructive doom ridden blackened death metal tracks (including an intro). Each song is ranging from doomy and atmospheric to chaotic and hateful elements, this is to help conveying the insanity within humanity by utilizing a variety of powerful elements within the music. 37 minutes of buried commanding death growls, buzzing yet destructive drum-hammering, and vortex of pungent riffs is indeed an eerie, suffocating experience.

Earlier in the year, Krucyator Productions re-issued the EP “Abyss of Excruciating Vexes” on cassette format, and now the French label is proudly re-issuing the sensational self-titled full length of the band on cassette format for the very first time on November 02nd.

1. Intro
2. Vanya
3. Nausea
4. Deindividuation
5. Godot
6. Tsirhcitna Eht
7. Aokigahara

Impugnor — Guitar/Bass
Krag — Vocals
Frog — Drums

Impugnor — Guitars/Bass
Krag — Vocals
Abhorr — Guitar
Abyss — Drums
Subjugator — Bass

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