Martina Edoff UK tour reaches the Midlands and London

Martina Edoff from Sweden is one of a kind. Strong, Brave & In control.
After starting her career as a singer, recording and touring with multimillion selling hip hop artist Dr. Alban, the Swedish phenomenon E-Type a.o, she became a founding member of the double platinum selling glam metal band The Poodles. Martina Edoff now returns as a solo artist with the classic rock she originally was born and raised for.

She is currently part way through her UK tour having already visited Leicester, Stoke and Crumlin. Tonight she appears at the Robin 2, Bilston  and tomorrow at Nambucca, London. Having recently released her latest album, ‘We Will Align’, Martina looks to reinforce her title as the new Nordic Queen of Rock!

”Now it’s all about the kind of music I really love the most myself” Martina Edoff confirms. “I want my music to be both powerful and melodic, so right now I’m having the time of my life!”

This is a band really worth seeing, while Martina on stage is something of a stunner she, and her band, are no slouches when it comes to playing some loud and lively rock & roll! Take a look at the video, you’ll see what I mean!

Tour support is by Redline.


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