Living Colour live at the Robin 2, Bilston by guest reviewer Scott Clarke

The Robin 2 in Bilston has seen many legendary bands over the years and tonight would prove no exception as it played host to New York rockers, Living Colour.

Before the headline act, the awaiting crowd were treated to local heroes Stone Broken. Having recently played this venue in support of Glenn Hughes, the Walsall group got proceedings started with ‘Stay All Night’.

It was clear that a lot of the crowd had turned up that evening to see two great bands, this was more than just a support act. Even while waiting outside in the queues to get in, there were fans asking if others had seen Stone Broken before, the answer generally being a resounding ‘yes’. A multitude of T-Shirt bearing supporters who were already avid fans of the rockers were evident.

Rich Moss’ vocal stylings are reminiscent of Chad Kroeger, whilst Kieron Conroy and Robyn Haycock laid down catchy rhythmic anthems in the bass and drum sections respectively, giving Chris Davis free reign to shred the lead guitar.

Each song the band played was accompanied by a great stage presence and performance that got the crowd participating and involved in the show.

Although the group’s range of material is limited, with only one album under their belt, the quality of the tracks is proof that sometimes quality is better than quantity as every song the band performed was a hit and only made the listener want more.

The band treated the fans to some new material; ‘Doesn’t Matter’ and ‘Just a Memory’. The tracks went down a storm with Rich commenting that they weren’t going to play too many and spoil the forthcoming album which would see their release.

All in all despite having very little time to prepare and sound check, the Walsall 4-some served up a great set that left avid supporters well and truly happy as well as gaining at least another 2 fans (as pointed out by Rich Moss, when asking how many of the packed Robin 2 audience had seen them perform before).

Set List:

– Stay All Night

– Better

– Be There

– Wait For You

– Doesn’t Matter

– Just a Memory

– This Life

– Not Your Enemy

Before the event, Living Colour could be heard in the sound check that went on for almost as long as their show. Their efforts to fine tune every little detail and provide the crowd with the absolute pinnacle of quality and experience was without question and only served to whet the appetites of the waiting public that was queuing outside the doors.

Living Colour took to the stage with a roar from the crowd. The 4-piece swaggered across the stage with ease and lapped up the applause. While Vernon Reid and Doug Wimbish picked up their guitars and Will Calhoun took his seat high up atop the drum kit, it was vocalist Corey Glover (in a very elaborate suit) that picked up his mobile phone and decided to start taking photos of the crowd as they cheered on in support and anticipation of hearing the legends perform.

With greetings and pleasantries exchanged, straight from the start Vernon Reid threw off a little guitar riff joined by Doug Wimbish and Will Calhoun to fill the Robin with the stylish blues number ‘Preachin’ Blues’, as Corey Glover’s vocals boom over the instrumentals.

The evening was a good mix of old and new, as well as a little light hearted banter, as a majority of the setlist was made up of some of their classic tracks with ‘Preachin’ Blues’, ‘Who Shot Ya?’, ‘Who’s That’, ‘Come On’ and ‘F.O.X.’ brought out to represent the band’s latest studio release ‘Shade’.

A highlight of the session was a performance by the band of a song originally by the Notorious B.I.G. entitled, ‘Who Shot Ya?’. Not ones to shy away from their views in the past, Living Colour made a cover of this song in response to the rise in gun violence of late. However, from a musical standpoint, and credit to the artists, it went to show that songs can transcend genres and styles and be enjoyed enabling their message to be heard by a new group of people.

After a very successful show, the band were good enough to come out to meet and greet with the fans as well as sign memorabilia.

This event proved that the New York rockers still have what it takes and still have a fantastic fan following. With a performance like that I think it’s safe to say that every Living Colour fan went home happy. The only thing that was in danger of outshining a performance like that was perhaps Corey Glover’s suit.

Set List:

– Preachin’ Blues

– Wall

– Middle Man

– Desperate People

– Ignorance is Bliss

– Who Shot Ya?

– Who’s That?

– Come On

– Open Letter to a Landlord

– F.O.X.

– Love Rears its Ugly Head

– Elvis is Dead

– Type

– Cult of Personality

– Sunshine of your Love


Words and pictures Scott Clarke

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