William Hut and Gisli set to release “22”

The split album “22” is an exciting cooperative production combining the skills of Norwegian pop artist William Hut and Icelandic pop artist Gisli.

William Hut has been a strong presence in the Norwegian music scene for more than 20 years, at first as a member of lauded rock band Poor Rich Ones, and them from 2000 and onward as a solo artist. His first solo album “Road Star Doolittle” was included in Rolling Stone critic Rob O’Connor’s list of top 10 albums released in the U.S. in 2003. His most successful solo album to date is “Nightfall”, which reached platinum sales in Norway, and spawned the single ‘Take It Easy’ that had a 6 month run in the national charts in his home country.

Gisli Kristjansson was based in the UK for a number of years, at first as a solo artist, a career that saw him signed to legendary label EMI Music. Later on he established himself as a well regarded producer. Following many years abroad Gisli have now returned to his home nation Iceland.

The two artists met back in 2016 while working on William Hut’s album “Hafnir Games”. They kept in touch in the months following the album’s release, tossing ideas back and forth between them, and as a result of that they decided to make a split album. The project is a result of positive energy and surplus creativity, where the artists have developed five compositions each and assembled them into a greater album totality.

As with all classic split albums, the artists have one album side each. William Hut’s material cover the first five tracks, Gisli’s material the last five. Differing in style but also complementing each other well!

“22” is set to be released on Norwegian label Apollon Records on October 13th 2017.

Track list:
William Hut-The Answer
William Hut- Seabirds
William Hut -Overdue
William Hut- Vertical Line
William Hut – Save Me
Gisli – Paper Bag
Gisli – Going On
Gisli – Solid Gold
Gisli – Internal Affair
Gisli – Crazy


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