J.D. Overdrive set to release “Wendigo”

After 10 years on the scene, releasing three successful albums (“Sex, Whiskey & Southern Blood” from 2011, “Fortune Favors the Brave” from 2013 and “The Kindest of Deaths” from 2015) and a split album with Palm Desert „Rusted Into Oblivion” in 2016, sharing the stage with such prominent names as Clutch, Down, Black Label Society, Whitesnake, Blood Ceremony, Soulfly, Red Fang, Karma To Burn, Europe, Phil Anselmo & The Illegals, Saxon Or Black Star Riders, Katowice-based J. D. Overdrive return with “Wendigo”, probably their most diverse work to date. Ten songs loosely based around the Native American myth of Wendigo showcase a fresh new take on the genre of southern metal, backed by a truly powerful sound (the album was mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg of Satanic Audio, known from his work with Thaw, Belzebong, Dopelord, Azarath and Behemoth). Be warned – in October 2017 the beast will be unleashed.

The album is scheduled for release on October, 20th in Europe and December, 8th in North America via Metal Mind Productions.

“Wendigo” track listing:
1. The Creature is Alive
2. Protectors of All That is Evil
3. Hangman’s Cove
4. New Blood
5. Burn Those Bridges
6. Wasting Daylight
7. Hold That Thought
8. Witches & Spies
9. Every Day is a New Hole to Dig
10. Flesh You Call Your Own

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Line up:
Michał “Stempel” Stemplowski – guitar
Wojciech “Suseł” Kałuża – vocal
Marcin “Stanley” Łyźniak – bass
Łukasz “Jooras” Jurewicz – drums

The band was formed in 2007 when guitarist Michal “Stempel” Stemplowski (along with drummer Luksus and bassist Kuba) recruited vocalist Wojciech “Susel” Kaluza for his new rock project dubbed Jack Daniels Overdrive. They self-released their debut EP called “Pure Concentrated Evil”, which received a bunch of great reviews in various webzines and magazines. In the meantime the band experienced two line-up changes, welcoming in their ranks drummer Lukasz “Jooras” Jurewicz and bassist Lukasz “Peo” Pomietło. In March 2009 they were given the honor of performing in Krakow with the living legend of stoner metal – Phil Anselmo’s Down. In the following months came the inevitable – they changed their name to J. D. Overdrive to avoid legal problems with the Tennessee tycoon. And just when they thought that nothing can surprise them – on March 9th, 2011 they opened for Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society in Warsaw. In 2011 the band released debut album “Sex, Whiskey & Southern Blood”, in May 2013 they returned with “Fortune Favors The Brave”. Their third studio album “The Kindest of Deaths” was released in 2015. And now the band is back with their finest work to date – “Wendigo”.

Metal Mind Productions

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