The Living debut single “Deceiver” via Decibel Magazine

Lying somewhere between the complexity of progressive rock and the brawn of metal, San Francisco’s The Living have an emotional pull to their sound that clicks instantly. Offering atmosphere-drenched lead guitar work soaring over earthy riffs pitted against desperate wailing vocals and a driving rhythm section tinged with just enough complexity, their multi-dimensional sound has been born and crafted from raw feeling and countless hours toiling in their tiny San Francisco practice space.

The Living will release their self-titled debut September 22nd. The album is available for pre-order HERE.

This week the band has teamed up with Decibel Magazine for an exclusive premiere of the second single from their album “Deceiver”. Listen to the track HERE.

Of the song the band said the following to Decibel, “This whole song was jammed out and we pretty much kept the basic arrangement as it was. We really like the flow of the song and how it has a little bit of a bluesy feel but is also atmospheric and moody. Lyrically, this was the easiest and fastest to write and the words are some of my favorite on the album. It mainly deals with self-deception. This song always goes over well live.”

Listen to the first single from the album “Delay” HERE.

Made up of Derek Barnes (vocals/guitar), Julian Balestrieri (guitar), Jeremy Shepherd (bass) and Jason Zaru (drums), The Living formed in 2015, birthed from their longstanding friendships with each other. They pull many sounds into their music including shoegaze, progressive rock, metal, and pop, bridging the gap between genres and creating an environment in which their audience is greeted with the familiar sounds they know and love while discovering the band’s fresh approach. It’s this unique overlap, coupled with their devotion to an energetic live show and the human experience that goes along with it that has landed them gigs at San Francisco staples such as Brick & Mortar, El Rio, Hemlock, and Milk Bar, as well as radio rotation on sites such as 89.5 KPOO.

“The Living” Track Listing:
1. Tied To The Bed
2. Delay
3. Deceiver
4. No Love Gets Away
5. Hot Breath
6. Corpse Pose
7. Headless Pillow

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