Corciolli release video for ‘The Man Who Disappeared in the Painting’

Brazilian composer, producer and keyboardist Corciolli have just released a video for the track ‘The Man Who Disappeared in the Painting’, the opening track on his new album “Ilusia”.

Watch the video here:

Featuring 8 instrumental themes, ILUSIA is the latest album from Brazilian composer and keyboardist Corciolli, an album that evokes imaginary stories and scenes, through a progressive rock´s soundtrack with its own narrative, epic solos and a remarkable palette of timbres and textures.

Quotes about the album:

“What a wonderful surprise from Brazil. It is still possible to discover music that is new to you, but is in fact music by a renowned musician, composer, keyboardist and producer with a 25 year career and who has sold around 2 million albums! “

“His symbiosis with the keyboards is such that he can emulate all the possible and imaginable instruments: drum, bass, guitar, bows, winds, all sublimated in an incredibly credible way”

“I liked this album from beginning to end. The performances are all excellent, the music sounds great and I’m convinced that those into accessible Space/Prog/Pop will certainly enjoy Ilusia.”

“Combining the experience of composing soundtracks with a more rock sound, the composer and keyboardist Corciolli opened a promising horizon with his new album” (Review in Portuguese)

“You can close your eyes and imagine a movie inside your head”

For more information:

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