From the Hellmouth and Mutilatred set to release Split EP

Both hailing from Ohio, Cleveland’s FROM THE HELLMOUTH and Toledo’s MUTILATRED, have been steadily wreaking havok in the Great Lakes region with their devastating live performances. The two finally decided to link up and release one earth heaving offering to their fans.

Starting as more of a project, this is the first new material FROM THE HELLMOUTH has released since becoming a full band. They have been on a non-stop rampage playing alongside such seminal acts as NILE, CARCASS, and DEAFHEAVEN, while receiving praise from the likes of CANNIBAL CORPSE and REVOCATION. While their newer material may be more primitive and earth crushing then their self-titled EP, the band still manage to keep a unique balance of Modern and Old School. For fans of BLOODBATH, AEON, and HYPOCRISY.

MUTILARED are spreading their death metal disease like wildfire, playing any venue, anytime and anywhere, that will allow them to decimate their stage. MUTILATRED are truly one of the most devastating live experiences you will witness, so much so, that Death Metal aficionado, TREVOR STRNAD has praised the act often! Combining the juggernaut onslaught of MORTICIAN with the death metal stylings of INCANTATION, MUTILATRED will soon be on the tongue of DM fans everywhere.

A marriage of brutality and precision annihilation, MUTILATRED and FROM THE HELLMOUTH’s individual killing sprees collide on a monumental collaboration of malevolence. MUTILATRED’s uncompromisingly heavy slam soaked brutality and FROM THE HELLMOUTH’s whirlwind death metal battery will leave your carcass drenched in wretched carnage and your mind rendered to dust. Two of modern death metal’s up-and-comers aim to bring extremity and brutality back to the genre and drain the sea of retro poserdom. Consider yourselves warned AND victims.


From the Hellmouth | Mutilatred – Split EP
Labels: Redefining Darkness & Seeing Red Records
Release Date: August 04, 2017

Track – List:
01 From the Hellmouth – Cast Into The Sea
02 From the Hellmouth – The Wolves Must Be Fed
03 From the Hellmouth – Campaign of Lies
04 Mutilatred – Crippled By Prescription
05 Mutilatred – Part of the Decay
06 Mutilatred – Split from Inside
07 Mutilatred – Prescribed Death
08 Mutilatred – While it Floods

Noah Buchanan-Vocals
Allan Marcus-Lead Guitar
Nate Taddeo-Guitar
Dave Vezdos-Bass
Joe Lowrie-Drums

Patrick McDonagh – Guitar & Vocals
Clay Lowe – Drums
Eli Fakes – Bass & Noise
Patrick Meyers – Guitar, Programming, & Noise

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