Mordenial set to release “The Plague”

Mordenial was formed in early 2000 as a project and recorded a 2-track demo “From Ashes Risen” around 2002. The project shaped itself as a real band in 2008 when Fiebig and Kjetil started to write materials for the first album. Completing line-up in 2011, Mordenial started recording in spring 2012. After having some problems during the recording, the band was shut down for the summer for not having a singer. After having no luck to find a new singer, Fiebig started to write lyrics and became the vocalist of the band. Finally, the debut album ” Where the Angels Fall” was released in early 2015.

Their upcoming full length “The Plague” consists 10 different songs that all deal with the concept of “Plague”. All from a futuristic perspective to a more ancient perspective. The lyrics are also about how people justify terrible acts by pretending to be chosen by a god or gods.

The album is a mixture of different types of metal, not bounding to specific genre boundaries; one can enjoy catchy solos, crushing riffs and even occasional breakdowns within every single song of this album. The best way to describe the music is when crunchy groovy elements bump into some exquisite melody driven death metal music.

“The Plague” is set to be released on July 31st 2017 through Black Lion Records.

Track List:
1.The Plauge
2.Daylight Is Gone
3.Burning Soil
5.No Empathy
6.Save You All
7.All Has Vanished
8.Follow The Cross
10.The End


Fiebig — Vocals, Drums
Kjetil Lynghaug — Lead Guitar
Martin — Guitar, Bass



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