Meat Train signed to Contagion Records

Meat Train signed a new deal with Contagion Records this week! Contagion have long been admirers of Meat Train, seeing them as the perfect death metal bulldozer to spearhead an exciting new era for the label.

A new album of gut-wrenching savagery has already been recorded, full of tales of nefarious murder and dark deeds from the other side of madness. Entitled Random Acts Of Carnage, this merciless vessel of atrocities will step from the shadows on September 29th…straight into your nightmares.

The band have recently played dates in Germany and Austria with Fleshcrawl, but they are already hungry for blood once again, so expect to hear the sound of the Meat Train thundering remorselessly through the night again soon. On its way to your town.

For more information on these barbarous butchers click here

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