Voodoo Highway – The Ordeal

Voodoo Highway– The Ordeal

Eversince I started Firebrand in what seems a life time ago I have come across so much up and coming talent that it seems unbelievable why this much talent is not more highly praised than it actually is.

One such up and coming band so to speak that has been a firm favourite of mine for the last few years from their first album “Broken Uncles Inn” are Italian rockers Voodoo Highway, that first album blew me away and is still played very often today 5 years on. The second album “Showdown” again gave me the same buzz.

Now the boys are back with the sensational new album “The Ordeal”. Still mixing that 70’s classic  sound from bands such as The Who, Deep Purple, Rainbow  etc but with a very modern edge.

Opening track “The Deal” deffo kicks in with a mixture of vibes from both Deep Purple with Sabbath overtones. It just keeps getting better from there. With such storming tracks as “The Ride”, “Litha”, “Grace Of The Lord” it is again a phenomenal album.

Lets be honest here. From my perspective there is not one dodgy track on this album. Voodoo Highway have again excelled themselves with yet another album as close to perfection as possible.

This leaves me only one course of action with the score. If this style of rock floats your boat check the band out you will not be disappointed.

Voodoo Highway Are:-

Filippo Cavallini – bass
Federico Di Marco – vocals
Vincenzo Zairo – drums
Massimiliano Sabbadini – hammond and keyboards
Filippo Romeo – guitars

Score 10/10

Reviewer : Rick Palin


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