New Review – Mark Slaughter, Halfway There

Review – Mark Slaughter – Halfway There

Ok let me get this off my chest from the getgo…Melodic rock bores me senseless and the reason, well thanks to certain record labels it has become so formulaic and you really struggle to identify one batch of cd’s from the next (cue the death threats). However having said that it you are seeing me write a melodic rock review then you know it is something well worth listening to.

First off Mark Slaughter has sold over 5 million records, quite an achievement in this day and age and has shared the stage with the likes of Kiss (Honestly don’t open that can of worms) and Ozzy Osbourne (Gotta love Ozzy, he reminds me of the Boris Johnson of Rock).

First thing about this album that springs to mind for me is that for some reason it conjures up the past triumphs of Richard Marx and Rick Springfield without sounding anything like then, I know it sounds nothing like them but I guess what I am trying to say is that it brings back to me the heady days of American arena rock.

From the opening track “Hey You” which explodes from your speakers like a ballistic missile and instantly catches the ears and sets up track 2 “Devoted” nicely to continue that theme.

This whole album is so well thought out in terms of track order to really engage the listener.

Stand out tracks for me have to be “Supernatural”, “Conspiracy” and the rather haunting final track “Not Here”.

If you are a fan of this style of music then it is a must have addition to your collection. Satisfaction guaranteed with some exceptional musicianship, vocals and Guitars.

As the old Cuprinol advert used to say “It does exactly what it says on the tin”

Score 8.5 / 10

Reviewer Rick “The Doc” Palin

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