Seconds Before Landing set to release “Now That I Have Your Attention”

“Now That I Have Your Attention” is the third release by Seconds Before Landing, and as on the previous albums by this project the music has been mastered by 2 time Grammy nominee and Pink Floyd engineer Andy Jackson. The album will be officially released on June 21st, 2017 on all of the finer digital outlets, followed shortly afterwards by a CD edition.

Track Listing :
1. Intro
2. 4 A.M.
3. You’re Giving Me a Headache
4. Wandering Soul
5. Head Down Low
6. Things
7. Come Back to Me
8. Feels Good
9. Can I See You Now?
10. Moment in Time
11. In the Name Of
12. Without Your Soul

The musicians on this album are as follows:
John Crispino: drums, percussions, vocals, synths and effects
Eric Maldonado: Lead Guitar
Steve Schuffert: Lead Guitar
Rick Witkowski: Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
J.D. Garrison: Bass Guitar
Jamie Peck: Saxophone, Flute and Piano
Vanessa Campagna and Carrie Jackson: Female Vocals
– Special Guest appearance by John Palumbo: Ebow guitar on “Moment In Time”

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