Vintersorg set to release “Till Fjälls del II”

“This is the best Vintersorg album so far.”
Sweden Rock Magazine (SE)

“Lasst uns die Reise durch Schnee und Eis und über Stock und Stein beginnen: Episch, majestätisch, genial, das sind VINTERSORG.” (14/15)
Legacy (DE)

It was a tricky question; How would Swedish duo Vintersorg continue after 2014`s intruiging Naturbål? Shunning repitition, vocalist and mastermind Andreas „Vintersorg“ Hedlund did the unthinkable and composed a sequel to his groundbreaking 1998 album with Till Fjälls del II! This means no scientific lyrical concept, no progressive trickery, but a heartfelt return to snowcapped mountains, pure nature-inspired mysticism, Nordic folklore and black metal with a captivating epic streak. Vintersorg share a vision of equally harsh and melodic soundscapes that melt the raging extremes of the late 90s with the focus of 2016. To the mountains…

“Till Fjälls del II” will be released by Napalm Records on June 30th 2017.

Vintersorg line up:
Andreas “Vintersorg” Hedlund (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, programming)
Mattias Marklund (guitars)
Simon Lundström (bass)

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