Two 5: Long Lie (2015)

UK band TWO 5 was formed a few years back, and have been seeking to play live as much as possible since they formed. These days the band is working on a debut album, but back in 2015 they released a first taste of what’s to come in the shape of the 4 track EP “Long Lie”.

What Two 5 appears to be all about is blues rock. Just about anyone familiar with this style of music will feel right at home when opening and title cut Long Lie kicks off in a slow paced manner, with dark toned guitar riffs with blues laden harmony overlays and a suitably hoarse lead vocal taking the lead.

For the second and third tracks on this EP the band opts to take a southern turn, so to speak, with liberal arrays of slide guitar added to the proceedings and there exploring a sound much closer to what ZZ Top did back in the early 70’s, while a more conventional call and answer structured blues rock piece concludes this EP in a more traditional manner again.

It is a well made EP all in all to, where the guitar work in general and the slide and solo guitar in particular brings a lot to the table. With a good quality vocalist and a steady rhythm section the end result is a compelling one too, where for me at least the cuts featuring slide guitar and a nod or three in the direction of vintage ZZ Top comes across as the most interesting.

Those who are fond of blues rock in general, and the use if slide guitar and what might be described as southern elements in this context in particular, should find this initial EP my Two 5 to be worth a check. A well made production with well made songs that should have a good appeal to a blues rock interested audience as specified.

My rating: 8/10

Track list:
Long Lie, Are You Gonna Run, Waiting For So Long, There You Have It

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