Grid set to release “Human Collapse Syndrome”

Grid is a grindcore band from the north of Sweden and was formed in Umeå 2014 by Fredrik, Andreas and Wilke. In the beginning, the goal was to play fast, have fun and annoy the political correct-elite with songs such as “Ni super för lite” which translates to “You drink too little (alcohol)” but it didn’t take long until the band found a more refined sound and started making more serious songs.

In 2015 they got signed by Umeå label Discouraged Records which released their first EP called ‘Umeå Grindcore’ on 7 inch vinyl on May 23th 2015. The band presented 8 tracks of old school sounding grindcore the likes of early Nasum. To support the debut release, they played a number of shows the following year including a performance at Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech Republic 2016. After the festival it was announced that bass player Wilke was leaving the band.

But that did not slow them down, quite the opposite. Working as a perfect complementing duo, Fredrik and Andreas continued quickly to evolve the bands sound and lyrics. The new songs have a greater sound, and are a more anxiety loaded with misanthropy-laced lyrics, faster d-beats and harder blast beats. Their new EP “Human Collapse Syndrome” contains 8 tracks of top quality grindcore that loyal fans of the genre will enjoy raging out to.

Release Date: 15 May, 2017
Label: Discouraged Records
Format: CD & Digital

Track – List:
01. Agree to Serve
02. Sluta Grat
03. Human Collapse Syndrome
04. Privilege the Poor
05. Debt
06. Constant Fear
07. Fooled
08. Out of Air

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