The Room Release “Full Circle”

The Room Release “Full Circle” Video

The Room today release the second video from their critically acclaimed Live DVD filmed at  The Robin 2 in Bilston.  “Full Circle” is a powerful song that I believe many people will identify with on a personal level.

Martin Wilson said of “Full Circle” its a song that talks about how there can be another way, how you can turn your life around from dark times to good and “flick the switch to begin again” .

On a more personal note. Last year I had a serious problem with alcohol which I am more than happy to talk about if it helps others in the same boat as I was. When you are in the depths of alcohol fuelled depression there seems to be no way out and the world closes in on you.  I personally listened to this song at least three times a day, analysing it over and over and for me personally it was one of the key triggers that helped me get clean and sober.  I know it may seem a big thing to say but truly this song made a huge difference to my outlook on life and I cannot thank Martin and the boys enough for writing it. (Rick Palin)

Please share this video as much as you can. You may be helping out someone who was like me!

Sharing is Caring

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