New albums by Ides of Gemini and Galley Beggar out now on Rise Above Records

Ides Of Gemini have found the centerpiece around which their music for Women evolves, marking it as their highest moment thus far.

Ides Of Gemini’s most convincing expression to date, an album without boundaries, easily capable of drawing anyone in.
-Dead Rhetoric

An impressive step in the right direction for Ides Of Gemini and should move them over to larger stages.
-No Clean Singing

Ides Of Gemini have released their album Women today via Rise Above Records. Check out an exclusive full album stream and interview with band member J Bennett courtesy of Clrvynt HERE. Pick up your copy of Women via iTunes and Amazon.

Blends the traditional with the cosmic in a wonderfully engaging, unapologetically retro witches’ brew of psych rock, 60s folk, traditional standards, and outright flower power that stands as the band’s most complex release to date.

Winsome folk rock at its core, but there’s definitely some blacker magic at play here.

Heathen Hymns explores and expands upon their acid folk, prog and psych influences while peppering proceedings with occasional flirtations with layering, loops, vocal filters and, at one point, Ride-esqueshoegaze on the envelope pushing Four Birds.
-Team Rock

Galley Beggar defies simple definition with ease, being a complex thing of no simple conception themselves.
-New Noise

Heathen Hymns is a collection of songs for the mind, for the spirit, and for the soul.
-Great Southern Brainfart

Galley Beggar have released their new album Heathen Hymns today via Rise Above Record. This dizzying blend of the traditional and the untried presents a record full of absorbing musical stories that showcase a newfound lust for experimentation. Listen to the entire album courtesy of Noisey HERE. Then pick up a copy of the album on iTunes and Amazon.

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