Canadian band Trilateral release three playthrough videos

On the heels of their critically-acclaimed sophomore effort, Elliptic Orbits, Canada’s TRILATERAL are set to bring listeners into their world of progressive, heavy, jazz-influenced metal with a series of play-through videos. The first of three, featuring the talents of drummer Jacob Goose, delves into the subtle-yet-punishing percussive nuances of their song ‘Fountainhead‘.

In the second of the three playthroughs, bassist Sam Smit demonstrates the dexterity, prowess, and sophisticated-brutality that have become the hallmarks of the TRILATERAL experience. When it comes to playthroughs, there are two kinds: the snoozethrough (self-explanatory), and the slamthrough (heads are crushed by a serious amount of musicianship). With that, we present to you the latter – in the form of Canadian progressive metallers TRILATERAL and their song ‘Arbitrarium‘ from their critically-acclaimed album, Elliptic Orbits.

In this third, and final, playthrough, TRILATERAL guitarist, Graeme Kalb, gives us an insider’s view of the TRILATERAL experience as seen through the eyes, ears, and rig of a progressive metal virtuoso.

“We recorded this video on a cold day in my un-insulated garage. Luckily, ‘Cloud Forest‘ is the hardest song on the album for me to play, so the frantic guitar playing kept my hands warm! We originally wrote ‘Cloud Forest’ in an earlier iteration of the band, when we had a second guitarist. Personally, I found it to be a song that contrasted heavily with what we had been writing at the time, but everyone liked it so much that it was a no-brainer to re-write it as a three-piece. The rig shown in the video is actually not what we used on the album. On stage I use a stereo modelling rig using two Line6 POD HDs to simulate having a second guitarist. Obviously this is still possible using tube amps, but the overall footprint of what gets packed in to the cars, to the pedals in front of me, is drastically reduced. In the studio, we used a tried-and-true staple of metal, a Peavey 6505+ into a Mesa Recto cab.”

Elliptic Orbits was released March 11th independently. Purchases can be made via the band’s bandcamp page.

TRILATERAL is a multidimensional progressive metal band with influences as diverse as their music.

A trinity of adept and nonconformist musicians, the band are not easily categorized into one simple genre, but that’s exactly what keeps hungry, forward-thinking metal fans interested in their unique sound. Although they integrate various fundamental elements of multiple genres and styles, TRILATERAL delivers their neural depth without mercy to shatter audiences’ expectations of what modern prog metal is truly capable of.
With their unique blend of brutality and jazz-fusion, the band manages to create a vast soundscape within every track that is not typically associated with metal.
Graeme Kalb – Guitar/Vocals
Sam Smit – Bass/Vocals
Jacob Goose – Drums


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