Bassist Kevin Chown recalls playing with Chuck Berry

Bassist Kevin Chown (COSMOSQUAD, TARJA, CHAD’S SMITH BOMBASTIC MEATBATS, PAUL GILBERT) has commented on his Facebook page about his time with rock’n’roll icon Chuck Berry who passed away last week at age 90.  Video of Berry’s appearance at the 2008 Long Beach Blues Festival with Chown on bass can be viewed at this location:

“I can’t remember specifically but I think it was a “called day of gig” thing.  I had plans with friends, so they just came along. Chuck sometimes traveled with a bass player, sometimes without.  I think O.T. Hayes, the drummer and good friend, had the gig but they needed someone on bass, last minute.  So I grabbed a bass, listened to his songs on the way to Long Beach, plugged in, Chuck arrived 30 minutes before showtime (that’s a whole story in itself).  “Ladies and gents, Chuck Berry!” and he starts playing the gig.  You follow him.  No list, of course.  If you are lucky, he cued the key: Pointed at ground? G.  Fist? C.  Two fingers? Bb. Three fingers sideways? E.  And so on.  Never play the IV chord on the turnaround.  Keep it simple.  Story of my life!  Show up, pretend you know what you are doing. Ha!  I got a compliment from Chuck Berry, on stage: “He’s all right!”  I have no memory of this but I will take that as one of the coolest things EVER!  Laying down the carpet of confidence for the dude that created it in the first place.”

Chown is currently touring with TARJA behind her latest release, “The Shadow Self”, and was introduced as the new bassist and band member of L.A. progressive rock triumvirate COSMOSQUAD late last year.  He features on the group’s brand new studio album, “The Morbid Tango”.  An in-studio live performance of the album’s title track can be viewed at this location:

Kevin Chown online:

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