Aaron English release new song & video: “Afande” (“Policeman”)

Aaron English have just released a new song & video collaboration with Kenya’s “master of nyatiti”, Walter Koga.The nyatiti is a lute-like instrument that has been played in Africa for thousands of years. Walter & Aaron wrote this song while they were traveling together in Kenya.

Click here to listen/download on Bandcamp…& then click here to watch the video on YouTube!

“Afande” (“Policeman”) is a song about Kenyan country boys traveling to Nairobi & getting harassed by the police, who see their strange clothing & strange musical instruments & mark them for trouble.

As Walter explained it, it’s common for a Nairobi policeman to arrest first & ask questions later. One might say that this is sort of a Nairobi version of Stevie Wonder’s NYC in “Living for the City”.

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