Canadian band Trilateral release video for the song “Whalefall”

Canada’s TRILATERAL, who are set to drop their first full-length effort Elliptic Orbits, have just released a lyric video for the song “Whalefall”. The track features vocals courtesy of Kittie frontwoman Morgan Lander.

Elliptic Orbits is set to release March 11th independently. Pre-orders can be made via the bands bandcamp page.

1. Dividers of Infinity
2. Cloud Forest
3. Airlock
4. Celestial Bodies
5. Whalefall
6. Fountainhead
7. Nomad
8. Blessed Protagonist
9. Charon
10. Darkless
11. Arbitrarium
12. Convergence

Engineered and Produced by Jacob Goose at Avalon Studios
Mixed by Nigel Curley at Mindscape Studios
Mastered by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Studios
logos by Nate Mitic at Cosmic Creative Design
Original Artwork by Tom Hilborn
Booklet Design by Owen Mackinder

TRILATERAL is a multidimensional progressive metal band with influences as diverse as their music.

A trinity of adept and nonconformist musicians, the band are not easily categorized into one simple genre, but that’s exactly what keeps hungry, forward-thinking metal fans interested in their unique sound. Although they integrate various fundamental elements of multiple genres and styles, TRILATERAL delivers their neural depth without mercy to shatter audiences’ expectations of what modern prog metal is truly capable of.

With their unique blend of brutality and jazz-fusion, the band manages to create a vast soundscape within every track that is not typically associated with metal.

Mastodon, Beyond Creation, Gojira, and Cynic

Graeme Kalb – Guitar/Vocals
Sam Smit – Bass/Vocals
Jacob Goose – Drums


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