US band Pain Tank set to release debut album “97,901,726 Confirmed Kills”

Washington, DC area hardcore grind outfit PAIN TANK will mercilessly deploy their 97,901,726 Confirmed Kills album in March.


PAIN TANK was formed in 2016 as a side project for its four members, who also hold rank in the likes of Construct Of Lethe, Palkoski, Cammo Shorts and Reticle; the project rapidly became a focused, permanent act which ventures into musical and lyrical territory not explored with their other bands.


Surging with unchecked, annihilating, white-knuckled aggression, PAIN TANK’s debut recorded massacre 97,901,726 Confirmed Kills was recorded live at Trepan Studios in Woodbridge, Virginia over the course of eight hours. The band felt it necessary to capture the intensity and aggression of a live performance, which can easily get lost in more conventional studio tracking. Boiling over with homicidal rage, the album blasts thirteen rampaging tracks point blank into the listener’s face in under twenty-four minutes, 97,901,726 Confirmed Kills was engineered and mixed by drummer Tony Petrocelly, who also handled the art and layout for the record.

PAIN TANK will release 97,901,726 Confirmed Kills on digital and CD platforms through the band’s own independent Edgewood Arsenal Records on March 17th.


PAIN TANK’s lyrics show a depth and intensity rarely seen in extreme music, and a ferocious vocal delivery that is simultaneously tortured and torturous. 97,901,726 Confirmed Kills is a figure that seeks to tally the number of deaths – both military and civilian, foreign and domestic – that were caused by all wars America has been involved in. PAIN TANK is a mirror to the suffering of this world, not an act created for shock value. What they present is the opportunity for pain. Critical thinking is pain. Growth is pain. PAIN TANK is a means to confront the darkest, most atrocious acts of mankind.

Steven Kerchner – vocals, noise
James Shaw – guitar
Chris Dugay – bass
Tony Petrocelly – drums


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