Thunder – Rip It Up

Label: earMUSIC

Release Date: February 10th 2017

Track Listing: No One Gets Out Alive / Rip it up / She Likes the Cocaine / Right From the Start / Shakedown / Heartbreak Hurricane / In Another Life / The Chosen One / The Enemy Inside / Tumbling Down / There’s Always a Loser

What can you say about this album…..if you like Thunder you’ll love this album; if you’re new to Thunder you’ll love this album. It’s typically Thunder and while it uses tried and tested formulae for the music it seems to work every time.

I’m a long-time fan of the band and, for me, there isn’t a duff track on the album. Luke Morley’s writing is as strong as ever and with the band fully fit and ready to rock and roll with a new tour that starts a little more than a month after the release of this platter it’s a testament to the bands longevity and constantly growing popularity.

While there’s nothing particularly ‘new’ here the band have provided the fans, once again, with a series of rock classics that are guaranteed to have those fans singing along at each and every opportunity – and if you’ve seen Thunder live you’ll know that those opportunities come thick and fast.

The title track, and the album’s first single, Rip It Up, is a solid piece of music and a great advert for the album which flows from song to song without getting ‘same-ish’ at any point and is typical of the bands approach to producing diverse musical entertainment of the highest level.

In my head I can see Danny Bowes performing his ‘dad dancing’ across the stage to quite a few of these songs. The album is a very good mix of classic rock mixed in with melodic rock songs and ballads. Danny Bowes leads the way every time closely shadowed by the very accomplished guitars of Luke Morley and Ben Matthews, the solid bass of Chris Childs and the faultless drums of Harry James. Having seen Chris Childs playing with Tyketto this week he’ll be well warmed up for the Thunder tour next month.

The bands tour starts with a sell-out show at the Manchester Apollo on Friday March 17th and they will undoubtedly be promoting the new release hard. If you’re planning to see the band you’d better be quick as several of the shows have already sold out including Manchester, Sheffield and Southampton.

Favourite track: Rip it up.

Nothing wrong with this album at all: 10/10


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