Italian band Arkana Code release new album

The second full-length album by Italian Death Metal band.

Melodic and at the same time Brutal Death Metal sound. The metric is particularly Technical and Progressive but it preserves the violent impact, combined in pressing and rapid drums and vocals interweaving in growl and scream lines, that give tracks a personal and evolving tone from the start to the end.

Arkana Code differs markedly from other bands playing Extreme Metal for the personal and particular sound, for the concept of the band and the imaginary transmitted on the stage. The project has an imaginary of an ancient code discovered and decrypted in every band’s release, narrating stories decrypted in this code, transposition of situations we live in our life.

This is a concept album. The lyrics decrypted from the code talks about an ancestral civilization, the terrifying situation they lived, lobotomized, about cruelty that was impregnated in their existence. Every track has a personal story, with imaginary horror. Anachronistic, mysterious, ancient, with a transposition in our days. All that can be transposed in our existence…

For fans of: Carcass, Children Of Bodom, Obscura, Arch Enemy, Death, Impaled Nazarene, Obituary, and Cannibal Corpse!

Metal Scrap Records, 2017 (MSR133/CD).


“Brutal Conflict” by ARKANA CODE (Official teaser):

CD release date:
Ukraine/Italy: 12.01.2017; Japan: 13.01.2017; UK/Europe: 03.02.2017; North & South America: 10.02.2017

Digital release date:
Worldwide: 03.02.2017; North & South America: 10.02.2017

Listen to “Brutal Conflict” on BandCamp

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